Everything Changes…

I haven’t been keeping up with my fitness blog at all.  I think my body needed a break after years of working out and the constant struggle of my weight fluctuating.  I think for the first time since giving birth to Matthew, I just do not feel guilty for not working out.  I am no longer obsessing about it.  I will most likely start being more consistent, but I know my mind is in a different place.  I have learned to accept my body no matter how it looks.  My clothes are fitting tighter and some don’t even fit, but I’m ok with that.  I have actually found a new hobby during the Summer, thanks to pinterest.  I did a major clean up on my house during my summer break.  I decided to paint a small stool which then lead to my dining room tables and a new hobby was born.  I’ll post more pics tomorrow of all the stuff that I have painted and projects that are coming up!

Day 3: Buti 30 Day Slimdown

Finished with day 3 today.  Did Buti Tone 14.  Hadn’t done that one in a long time!!!  I think that’s the free one on vimeo:  https://vimeo.com/45863823 Great workout and Bizzie is so strong in this one.  I was dripping sweat and my shirt was pretty wet.  Reminder not to wear a cotton shirt when I do Buti during the summer!  It was sticking to me and it was gross!  Yesterday for day 2 I did Buti Sculpt 13.  Before I had a dread doing these Buti Sculpts but yesterday when I did it with my own music, I really liked it and I was super happy that I was done in under 25 min.  Went to Zumba class in the afternoon so that is a bonus!!!  Gotta get some extra cardio in and burn off this fat!  Plan for tomorrow is Buti Sculpt 14.  Have to decide what 3 songs I want to do that will motivate me.  

Buti 30 Day Slimdown

I wasn’t planning to start this until July, but a friend has convince that right now is the time to do the Buti 30 day Slimdown.  I think it is too.  It can help me get back into in.  It’s only Buti, but it also leaves enough room for me to do other things like take my Zumba classes and go to Hot Yoga.  I know a month of Buti will get me strong too.  I also want to do the sculpts.  I’ll put my own music, I don’t care.  I know they have a dread for me, but I have to try this.  I already have the first day planned out.  30 min from waking up, drink my wake and shake which I will be doing since it really helps me not drink so much coffee.  Went to the grocery store and I really feel lucky because I never expect my small town stores to have any of this stuff, but I’ve been finding tons of organic and grain/dairy free stuff at Dillons.  I love it!!!!  I bought Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein, my coconut juices.  I was so upset a couple of months ago that Amazon cancelled the ONE coconut brand from the subscribe and save program.  I subscribed to it again, but this time with ZICO.  I hope its just as good.  Got some organic spinach and veggies.  I’m ready and excited.  Oh and plus I start #mermaidyogi tomorrow.  I haven’t tried to make a big deal, but I’m hoping I can also complete it.





Printed these off so I can keep track.

The monthly plan with a little bit of Zumba and Hot Yoga into the mix.  Maybe even some Piyo!

The monthly plan with a little bit of Zumba and Hot Yoga into the mix. Maybe even some Piyo!


For my Wake and Shake

For my Wake and Shake


Finally getting back into a routine

I worked out all six days this week.  For a moment I had to think what workout I did on Monday.  Oh my!  My brain is def not like it used to be.  LOL!  But I do know that in my calendar there is something marked there.  Did a couple of Piyos, Buti and Zumba this week. Did a CLX workout.  I think I did pretty good.  I know that tomorrow will be the start of June.  I’m excited.  I’m always excited in June because I’m home.  Honestly I’ve been home this whole week and I have been enjoying this break so much!  Wish it was the first week all the time! I get up and instead of rushing to do my workout, I get to drink coffee and go over some things and then I workout.  It is really nice.  I get up as soon as Marvin leaves for work.  This coming week, I plan to clean up a little bit more of my diet.  I have been drinking soda again and it doesn’t take long for me to get into the habit.  Boooo!!!! hate it.  Anyways.  I’ll be planning more of my schedule tomorrow.  Don’t know which Buti’s to do this week.

It just wasn’t for me! :(

I already returned the CLX set to my friend.  It just wasn’t meant for me.  I did not want to hurt my back again.  I know I tried and I really like Chalean, but I could tell my back started to hurt after the workout.  I don’t want to risk it.   Guess I’ll go back to my regular routine for now and see how I do.  I’m just really scared to hurt it again.  It really sucks!!!

Yesterday I felt like crap all day! That’s what I get for eating too much on Memorial Day.  I was even getting a fever last night so I did not end up going to Zumba.  I really want to make it to a class!  Today did a Piyo class on Youtube.  It was good.  I was pretty sweaty and it was just what I needed.  Didn’t want to do so many plyos that are in Buti.  I think both Piyo and Buti are similar.  Piyo just doesn’t have all the hip circles ;) and buti popping! LOL!


Let’s try this again

A couple of days into CLX and I threw my back out.  I was so upset!!! I had been on a major roll and then my back gets hurt again!!!  I had to take two complete weeks off.  I can still feel it a bit sometimes, but I know I gave it enough healing time.  Maybe last time, I didn’t.  I did go to Step Zumba a few days after but I felt my back hurting and so I was like no!  Have to give it more rest.  Bums me out because I love going to Zumba.  Then had to try the new Buti 91 with Amanda.  It was good and it left me sore for the next two days.  Don’t know if it was because I hadn’t worked out in a while, but Buti doesn’t leave me sore anymore.  I decided to not workout until my Summer vacay started so last Friday was my final day of work.  Thurs was the last day with the kids.  I am so ready for this summer to go extra good.  No more slacking off.  I gave my body the time it needs to recover.  I am still planning to do CLX, but I may try it with bands instead of weights.  I was picking up a weight when my back went out on me.  I most likely did it improperly.  I had also combined it with Buti.  Maybe it was a bit too much for my body.  I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen again this summer.

Chalean Extreme and Buti

Yes, I have gone and added another program!!!  OH MY!!!!  I went on Friday with my Zumba instructor for a Lifestyle Coaching session.  I absolutely loved it!!!!!  She helped me with writing some goals and how I can achieve them.  It wasn’t just about health and fitness.  Also about financial and family goals.  I really liked it and the hour flew by.  BUT one important thing that she did tell me was that I needed to add a weights program.  I know Buti is a great workout.  I don’t think I have ever sweated as much as I have with Buti, but I knew I needed something that would fatigue my muscles a little more.  I think about the only thing that does that in Buti are the deep squats and the lunge circles.  Sometimes I do feel that I need more reps.  So I had been looking for something on Pinterest.  I pinned a Chalean Extreme on Pinterest.  A very good friend messages me excited if I’m going to be doing CLX.  I told her about how I need to add weights, blah blah blah.  She told me I could borrow her set.  WOOHOO!!!!! I feel so lucky!!!!  So of course like the nerd I am, I ask if I could pick it up right away because I want to start right away! LOL!

So today I did Burn Circuit 1.  It was pretty hard.  I used my 5-12 dumbbells.  I really needed to dust those off!!! It had been so long!  Way too long!  I felt it in the first exercises.  There were some parts that I was shaking.  I also think in some of the moves I was playing it safe.  I could probably do a little heavier.  I’m just a little scared of going to heavy and hurting myself.

I’ll see how I do with the second workout on Tues.  It works out perfectly.  The workouts are short where I can add some extra stuff in.  I’ll most likely keep going to Zumba and to Hot Yoga on Thurs.

I actually went to Zumba toning on Saturday.  It was tons of fun.  First time going so I had no clue as to what expect.  Took my shakers and my 2 pounders.  Next Saturday, I’m taking my 3 pounders.  I think 5 pounds might be too much.  Been enjoying Zumba a lot lately!

So I think these will be my schedule this week.

Sun: Zumba (15 min) + CLX

Mon: Buti  83

Tues: CLX + Kathryn Budig

Wed: Rest

Thurs: CLX + Zumba (home)+ Hot Yoga

Fri: Buti 94, Zumba Step!!!

Sat: CLX and Zumba toning.

I’m going to go on Friday to Zumba step only because its being introduced for the first time this Friday.  I want to try it.  Knowing how good my instructor is, I know she’ll probably do an awesome job on it.

I’ve got a busy week!!!!  Oh and Marky’s IEP is this week! YIKES!!!  So much stuff is happening!


My Day 1 f Pics of CLX.  Lets see what kind of results I get mixing up Buti and CLX and Zumba



photo 3


My Wake and Shake that I have every morning now.  It is seriously helping me with kicking my snacking addiction and my coffee.

photo 1


Buti 85.  Made me sweat!!!

photo 2


And my reps for my first day on CLX:

photo 4

Very exciting!!!