Valentine’s Day Is Coming!

Excited that the next holiday that is coming is Valentine’s Day.  I’ve always loved that holiday.  Love the colors and the chocolates!  Been busy painting some mason jars for the holiday.  I never get started in time for the holidays.  I always leave it to the last minute and then I get nothing done or they are not done right since I try to rush it.  Happened during Halloween and Christmas.  I’m not going to let the same thing happen with Valentine’s.  Got everything ready last night.  Thought it would be a perfect time to try out Artisan Enhancement’s Pearl Plaster.


I was going to use the Frog tape, but after last time that I tried doing the candy cane jars, I decided not to! Maybe I’ll try one or two, but not right now.  I did do some color mixing to get a nice pink using ASCP’s Emperor Silk and Old White.  I also used some Pearl Plaster with Emperor’s Silk.  It was such a pretty color.  Making the little hearts was a little tricky, but I thought they came out cute.  Last decided to use the silver foil that I just bought on the letters.  I LOVE using that stuff.  So addicting!

End results:


So indecisive!

My Winter break is almost over!!! Booooo!!!!!  I’m glad to say though that I got a lot of stuff done.  Been reorganizing all my stuff.  I had a big mess of stuff printed out that I’ll use for image transfers.  Got different sand papers all over my stuff.  Mason jars all over.  LOL!  A big mess, but I’m glad that I threw a bunch of stuff before the garbage man passed.  Today my plan is to finally start waxing this piece:



side of the drawers

side of the drawers

Painted with ASCP's Graphite and Emperor's Silk.

Painted with ASCP’s Graphite and Emperor’s Silk.

I’ll be posting it for sale really soon. Just got to paint the big knobs. I was going to get it new ones but those are quite unique since they go vertical and have two holes instead of horizontal. I didn’t want to make just one single hole and I knew finding knobs that would match the length would be extremely hard.

On Wed I also went to the store to stock up on more supplies.  I always get so excited when I go.  Came back with these:


Got some Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster which I’m really excited to try out again.  I’ve only tried it on a stencil/sign class I took.  Brought back 3 vintage sewing drawers.  Got more wax and foil and a small brush.  I do not need more painting brushes, but I do need some small brushes to work the delicate foil stuff.

I’m also pretty excited because today I pick up 4 captain’s chair that I was able to score from a local Facebook group.  No yard sales this time of the year so that’s pretty much the only way I’ll be getting projects from.

Using more mediums

Yesterday decided that I wanted to use up some paint that I had mixed and didn’t have enough for a piece of furniture so decided to use it on more mason jars! LOL!  Practiced doing some more foil.  I also decided to do a image transfer.  Hadn’t done that in a while.  I also remembered that a while back I bought some colored Mod Podge to color some jars.  Forgot that I had that.


totally obsessed with these.

totally obsessed with these.

ASCP's mix of Duck Egg Blue and Old White! Such a pretty color.

ASCP’s mix of Duck Egg Blue and Old White! Such a pretty color.




So today in the morning I put the bronze foil on the letters and started to rub off the image.  I noticed yesterday that my image transfer medium was yellowish from the top, I don’t know if that had to do with the major fail, but the image completely rubbed off.  I was doing it carefully too so I know it wasn’t that and I have done image transfers before.  I decided to put the image with Mod Podge on the jar and not get frustrated.


I wasn’t impressed with the colored Mod Podge either.

It still hasn't completely dried but you could see how uneven it is.

It still hasn’t completely dried but you could see how uneven it is.

What has been happening?

So it’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted on here.  To be honest not much has happened.  I do keep doing projects here and there.  Its become my therapy.  I am very happy to say that all the pieces I have put for sale, have sold.  Very luck I don’t have anything just sitting in my house.  I have been very slow though, but I still love what I do aside from family and my regular job.

Some of the projects I have done and sold.

Some jars that I have painted

Some jars that I have painted


Painted with ASCP’s Old White and Coco.


First commission piece. Painted with ASCP Graphite and Old White.


Very first piece of furniture that I sold! Painted with ASCP Florence and Old White.


My nesting tables that I got at the local flea market. Painted with ASCP Duck Egg Blue.


I had been wanting a milk can for a while and found this big one. Painted with ASCP’s Old White and then transferred an image to it. Love how it looks in front of my house!


Little dinning room set painted with ASCP’s French Linen and Burgundy. Sold before I even listed it.

I hadn’t done much during the month of Nov and early December.  Was super busy with the holidays and then the whole family got sick!  I finally went on vacation last week and I am finishing a little side table for my sister and a coffee table.  I’ll be posting pics in a bit to my FB page.  I’ve been cleaning up all my stuff and remembered that I bought Artisan Enhancements Leaf and Foil medium.  I’ve been wanting to try it for a while.  Decided to try out small first and decided to use a mason jar.  Major fail!!! The foil just stuck and nothing came off.  Decided to leave it alone instead of frustrating myself with it.  At night I kept thinking what I had done wrong and then I finally remembered that my local stockist said that I had to put the shiny side up.  I had put the shiny side down.  Oops!!!!  I didn’t read the instructions carefully!  So I retried again yesterday.


following directions properly and it worked!

Followed directions properly and it worked! Wasn’t perfect, but it worked! Was so excited!

I decided to be more careful with my brush the next time and this is how it turned out:

Loved the results!

Loved the results!

Facebook Page

This week I finally made a FB page for my new “business”.  Oh man!  Had such a hard time coming up with a name.  I didn’t know if I wanted to use a part of my name, my kids name or what.  Started thinking about vintage stuff and how most of the stuff that I see in the antique stores, I use to have in my childhood.  I knew it had to be based on something from my childhood.  One of the things that stands out the most is how I loved listening to my parents music.  One of my fave was Tiny Dancer, so then I knew I had to use something with Tiny Dance.  I love shabby chic stuff so started googling some names and decided to stick in Tiny Rustic Dancer.  At first it was going to be Rustic Tiny Dancer, but my sister insisted on the other.  Very happy with the support from friends and family.  You can check it out there.  Soon I’ll have to update my blog to this.

Everything Changes…

I haven’t been keeping up with my fitness blog at all.  I think my body needed a break after years of working out and the constant struggle of my weight fluctuating.  I think for the first time since giving birth to Matthew, I just do not feel guilty for not working out.  I am no longer obsessing about it.  I will most likely start being more consistent, but I know my mind is in a different place.  I have learned to accept my body no matter how it looks.  My clothes are fitting tighter and some don’t even fit, but I’m ok with that.  I have actually found a new hobby during the Summer, thanks to pinterest.  I did a major clean up on my house during my summer break.  I decided to paint a small stool which then lead to my dining room tables and a new hobby was born.  I’ll post more pics tomorrow of all the stuff that I have painted and projects that are coming up!